React-Explorer: a file manager written in React

React-Explorer: a file manager written in React

For a long time I wanted to experiment with TypeScript and Electron. I chose to create a native file manager using these technologies: this looked like an interesting project with enough challenges.


  • Split-view window
  • Tabs support
  • Fully keyboard controlled
  • Fully localized (French & English available)
  • Dark Mode with automatic detection (macOS Mojave)
  • Open a terminal from any folder
  • Plugin-based: local supported for now, ftp in the works


React-Explorer is written in TypeScript makes use of the following:

  • Mobx: reactive state management
  • Blueprintjs: a beautiful React UI toolkit
  • CI testing with Travis, Jest, Cypress

I wrote about it here: Electron: how to configure NodeJS and runtime Chrome flags.

Full source code and Mac, Windows & Linux builds can be downloaded on GitHub.