Internet Explorer 5 still lives

  • Post by Nicolas Ramz
  • Dec 29, 2017
Internet Explorer 5 still lives

There was a time when Chrome didn’t exist and IE was ruling the web world.

Back in this day, it was common for browsers to take liberty and implement some shortcuts.

For example, IE5 automatically defined a global event property that contained the event that was triggered so that when executing event callbacks, the user didn’t have to do anything and so the following code would work.

document.body.addEventListener('click', function() {
    // works: window.event is globally defined the time the callbacks is executed

// undefined: event is only defined during the execution of the event callback

What you may not know is that this code still works in Chrome 63, some 18 years later!

Internet Explorer is still alive :)

Let’s wish Chrome won’t take as much liberties…