A better time widget for mobile devices

  • Post by Nicolas Ramz
  • Jun 06, 2012
A better time widget for mobile devices

While playing with various mobile (touch-enabled) OS I noticed that all were using the very same widget for setting time.

Here is the one used in iOS:

Time Settings in iOS

… and the one used in the latest Android (ICS):

Time settings in Android (version 4.0, ICS)

They both share the same usage: you have to scroll to choose your number. The problem is that it may take some time before reaching the correct number. Not to mention you may go to fast and skip it.

What about having a true analog clock and being able to move the clock hand ?

Here is a little clock widget in which you may use directly move the hand to set the time.

Just for the fun this is made of CSS only so it can easily scale across different devices. This should work with any touch-enabled devices as well as traditional mouse-driven devices. Microsoft-specific touch events aren’t support right now.

demo: http://experiments.warpdesign.fr/WarpClock